December 10, 2014

The Basics of Feng Shui: One Step Closer to Happy.

By Alejandra G.

Have you ever noticed how happy people change the energy of the room when they come in? And how you become happier and more optimistic when you hang out with your happy friends? This happens because you are in a constant energy exchange with everything that surrounds you - people, animals, buildings, trees, etc. Now is the best time to do yourself a big favor and use Feng shui to create the ultimate happy Feng shui friend - your own home.

Feng shui, literally translated as "wind and water," is a 5,000-year-old Chinese system and theory based on a set of universal principles and laws of nature, applied to our living environment. These principles are believed by many to help us achieve happiness, health, prosperity and freedom. While Feng shui has no scientifically proven studies to back up its principles, hundreds of Feng shui masters stand by their results.

Cut the clutter. The greatest enemy to Feng-shui because it will keep you stuck in the past. Air and energy should always be moving all the time and clutter is like a stop sign to good energy. So, go around your home and start looking for those things that serve no purpose. The rule is simple: If you haven't used it in over 12 months, toss it. Even though for some that could almost seem impossible since we live in a world of collecting and buying things we don't need 24/7, the first step to achieve a peaceful home will be to get rid of all the unnecessary things.

Paint your front door. Remove all the clutter from the sides, front and back of your front door. In Feng shui language, your front door is called the "mouth of chi”. Help bring good energy into your home by keeping it tidy and well lit. Consider painting your front door green (they say it will bring growth). If green is not your thing, try painting it red because according to Lillian Too in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui, red represents strength, energy and happiness and it can bring wealth. If red is probably too strong for your taste, blue might be your choice. It is relaxing and will bring peace to your entrance. Once you've made a choice, the relatively simple project of painting your front door a new color it will change your mood.

Throw out any broken objects. Replace blown light bulbs. When you have finished cleaning, wash your hands under running water for at least three minutes. This washes away all the bad energy that got on your hands in the process.

Consider a round table. I'm no Feng shui expert by any means, but there are some advantages to a round table. For one thing, there is no head of the table seat, so all of the diners are seated as equals.
A round table also makes conversations easier, there's just a more casual atmosphere when seated at a round table. Also, there are no any sharp edges to bang your hip on, which tents to happen on a rectangular dining table if you are on a hurry!

Balance your bedroom for a better relationship. Apply the same principle of "commanding position" to your bedroom by placing it so that you have a good view of the door from your bed. Placing the bed directly across from the door is considered unlucky, though, so try to keep it off-center. If you are in a relationship, it is also important to have bedside tables and lamps of equal sizes, as this suggests equality in the relationship. The commanding position applies to your home office as well. By placing your desk in a commanding position -a place where you can see most of the room- you are likely to feel more secure and in charge of your space.

Bring real plants inside. Plants bring vibrant chi into a home or working environment. Home offices require as much good energy as you can collect, so why not get it from plants? Large plants like lily, bamboo and jade varieties are top on the list for good energy. If you are short on space, one small house plant is better than none at all. Keep your plants watered and well fed and they will reply in kind.

Keep it outside. Mops and brooms are used to remove clutter and dirt from the house. Feng shui believes they carry part of the negative energy that comes into the home. Keeping them outside would be ideal but is not necessarily practical. Keep them in a cupboard in an upside-down position to help to
block the negative energy.

With the new year nearly upon us, you might benefit one of more of these easy-to-put in practice mind-cleansing projects for the holidays. Apply a few of these simple principles to your home and let the good chi (energy) flow all around your private sanctuary. That way you'll be one step closer to happy.

If you want to dig a bit deeper into the world of Feng shui, read about bagua. The bagua map is an octagon, with each of the eight or night sides corresponding to a different area of life: reputation, relationships, children, helpful people, career/path in life, self-knowledge, new beginnings/family and prosperity. 

November 19, 2014

Lamps that will make your house look like a movie set.

By Alejandra G.

Fairies, sealights, dancers, singers and flowers as well as charming old school movie lights are just a some of the interesting elements found on lamps that remind you of a movie set. With lamps like these, you can't help going back in time to the little girl that used to think things come to life when the lights go off. These lamps are not only a wonderful way to define a room, light up your life and draw attention but their creative design also presents a big opportunity to make a statement. Hollywood style.

Canary ceiling lamp
Lavache table lamp
Unusual yet marvelous lamps that combine hand-wrought iron, chandelier lights, dangling crystals and polished chrome for a look that came out of a fairy tale. With a twist.

Crystals table lamp
Crystals floor lamp
Inspired by the splendor of grand ballrooms, the Crystals lamps are made to light up your home with glamorous romance. Just the right amount of glitz for that room in need of light. A polished steel body on a chrome finish with a metal shade holding gorgeous crystal pendants for the perfect dream-full piece.
Industrial design finds its way into steampunk, times of steam-powdered machinery and industrialized western civilization. Retro-look inspired ceiling lamps crafted from painted metal with Edison-like filament bulbs, frosted bubble, metal arms and antique gold accents.
Lady table lamp
For the inventive and adventurous, the nostalgic and the retro-look fans, table lamps that capture memorable movie moments, preserving it in time with stylish lights.
Amazingly odd designs that recreate sacred goblets from ancient times, creating a magical moment. Right there on your own table. Remember that movie battle, enchant your night.
Majestic animals guard the lights opening secret doors that will transport you to ancient mystical times. Traditional lamps with antique bronze and gold finish will inspire any creative mind, to bring out those wild animals from adventurous movie moments to life.

Charlie Lady floor lamp
Gorgeous sculpture-like lamps that capture in time a Broadway musical or perhaps a ballet recital character. Place it right next to a piano or that exclusive chair for a legendary home setting.

Royal Master sealight                       Transmit sealight                            Grand Ocean sealight
Vintage-inspired sealights lamps that evoke old Hollywood. A reproduction of a 19th-century British marine lights used to transmit Morse code. Sea-lights that bring back both grand ocean liners and old Hollywood. Originally designed to illuminate the famous faces of film, crafted of solid cast aluminum, wood and steel, it's a classic of the genre.


October 21, 2014

10 of the most amazing tables ever.

By Alejandra G.

 If you think a table is just four legs and a top, think again. Creative designers are finding incredibly ingenuous ways to turn tables into works of art. A clever combination of ancient woods, resins and glass, solid wood with stainless steel, ultramodern geometric patterns, minimalistic designs, even marble and metal are just a few of the amazing materials that are being used today to create these fantastic pieces of furniture. Tables with effortless fusion of functionality and artistic form. And believe it or not, each of these pieces of art are meant to be admired from an artistic perspective as from a practical one. So, if you think there are only so many different ways to reinvent a board with four simple legs, these 10 examples of amazingly artistic table designs will prove you wrong.

Montana Gray table.
 Unique, raw, natural, pure. This table has been crafted from the roots of a teak¹ tree that was harvested years ago. No two tables are alike, each piece changes depending of the shape of the tree. Over time teak can mature to a silvery-grey finish, especially when exposed to sunlight that makes the contrast of this table incredibly special.

Cocteau console table.
 In this fantastic piece, reclaimed elm wood² with a gray tone finish over a hand carved retro-look urn pedestals with distressed white paint get together to form a heavy, steady, good looking piece. Natural tones with distinctive nicks and imperfections are a part of this table that speak for its origin. Tipically pieces of solid wood from barrels or old buildings are taken apart just as they come to translate into a beautiful table like this one.

Utica side table.
  In this piece, 19mm of thick flat edge clear glass top and stainless steal connect with this beautifully preserved slice of teak¹ tree at its purest, rarest form. This interesting fusion of materials present a unique way to preserve a fragment of ancient nature for years to come.

Santiago table.
 Is it possible that a family of beavers built this table? It's like they worked their way up to tower these natural trunks of teak wood and kindly gave it to us humans so we could top it with a thick glass and use it as a table. Smart, odd, interesting. Nature at its best.

Wave table.
  When ultramodern is not really your style, at the begining you don't really understand the sole purpose of this table, but when you take a closer look, you start to understand that this is minimalistic design at its best. One single piece that makes a visual statement. Pure, simple design, stainless steel metal. Simply incredible!

Teak Orbs.
 Versatile, natural, rare. The combination of a mostly perfect round shape of a teak¹ tree and a thick glass top, cleverly inserted into the wood becomes an instant trendsetter inside any home. Get close to the wood, take a look, is telling you a story that happened a million years ago. So, if you own one of this tables, you may own a piece of ancient history.

Thunder dining table.
 One of kind. This awesome table is a combination of solid suar wood³ and stainless steal inserts for a stunning piece of furniture. Solid wood native of Southeast Asia at its purest form. The remarkable feature of this wood is its beautiful gran pattern. Many trunks feature a wild pattern of branch growth, holes, fissures and cracks, which make every piece of wood completely unique.

The Cauca table.
 Ultramodern, chic, different. This design could be unthinkable for certain taste. But it's there. For the avant-garde, the progressive thinkers. Intertwined slats of stainless steal metal fused to a thick glass. A table that wont overcrowd your space, but that would definitively make a statement of who you are.

Tolima Side Table.
 Pure wood has imperfections, wholes, dents even right? It wouldn't be practical for your cup of coffee in the mornings. That's when resin comes along. They actually poured the resin over the natural wood that has been previously set up on a mold to give it a perfect shape. A genius idea by an awesome designer who tried to make a perfectly shaped table and succeeded; creating a charming story about this one of a kind chunk of teak wood and preserving it in time. Extraordinary!

Picaso coffee table.
 The suspended tempered glass top reminds me of a paint palette. Right in the air, the top is held by three stainless steel arching bases for an extraordinary visual effect. Minimalistic, artistic, ultramodern. This piece will definitively make a big statement.

¹Teak has been used as a crafting material for over 2000 years, it was found in an archeological dig in Berenike a port on the Indian Roman trade. No tree was purposely harmed to create this table. A Teak tree belongs to the family of Tectona grandis is native to south and southeast Asia, mainly India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma.
²Reclaimed lumber is wood retrieved from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. Most reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses, although some companies use wood from less traditional structures such as boxcars, coal mines and wine barrels.
³Suarina wood -Lat. Samanea saman  is found on the sustainable forest of Southeast Asia where manufacturers are concerned about the degradation of the environment, therefore they replace more trees than they harvest.

July 5, 2013

Making More Out of Less: Maximizing Space in a Small Room or Studio

So you moved into a dorm room in college, you have a small room in your home, or you live in a studio apartment. Whatever the case may be, you have one major problem: many ideas wrestling around in your head, but little space to work with. Don’t let the challenge overwhelm you—we’re here to help! Here are some tips for maximizing space in a limited area. With a bit of creativity, you’ll open up unlimited possibilities.

Cut the Clutter

One of the best ways to get the most out of a small space is to simply get rid of the things you don’t need. That extra microwave? Out. Those piles of seldom-worn clothes? Donate them to friends, family, or a charity of your choice. Keep only the essentials. Everything that uses up your valuable floor space should be carefully chosen and have a good reason for being there.

Lighten Up

Choose lighter colors over darker ones when painting your walls. Lighter shades open up a space visually, making it appear larger. Make sure not to cover any windows with big pieces of furniture, since abundant light also inspires a sense of freedom.

Time for Reflection

Mirrors are great for getting dressed and fixing your hair, but they’re good for plenty of other things, too. Placed in a highly-visible area, mirrors add a sense of depth, making your room look even bigger. As an added bonus, they reflect light, also creating the impression of a larger room.

Dividers can turn a seemingly chaotic mess into an ordered paradise. These pieces allow you to separate your floor space into sections, whether by color, theme, style, or anything else you choose. Maybe you just want a little area of privacy in your studio. Some dividers even feature shelves, doubling as a “sort-of” bookcase.

Think Vertically

Don’t limit yourself to the floor. You have at least four walls—take advantage of them! Installing shelves along your walls is a great way to add much-needed space for storage. You can place books, trinkets, knickknacks, photos, and plenty more here.

Different types of furniture take advantage of vertical space, by favoring height over other dimensions. Here are a couple of examples

Wall units are tall furnishings that provide storage for your television, electronics, media, and much more. They are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, to suit your particular needs. With the right choice, you’ll have the benefit of adding an inviting focal point to your room, as well.

  • Don’t sleep on your childhood memories. You probably remember that bunk bed you shared with your brother or sister as a young child. These genius inventions allow more than one person to sleep comfortably in a room, taking up the space of a single bed! You can pick from variations such as twin over twin, twin over full, and more. Some even feature an additional trundle unit that slides out from below the bottom bunk, housing storage space or yet another mattress, as you wish. Have you ever heard of the bunk bed’s lesser-known cousin, the loft bed? This type of bed features only the top bunk, leaving ample space beneath it for a dresser, a desk, or anything else your mind fancies.

Multifunctional Furniture

We can’t stress this tip enough. The smaller the space you have to work with, the more you want to make sure that your furniture has more than one purpose.

  • Futons and sofa beds are comfortable seating options whenever you have company over, but turn into cozy beds at nighttime.

Space Saving TV ChestTV Chests are built with several drawers for storing your socks, undergarments, personal items, and more. But that’s not all. These pieces also feature shelves where you can place your Blu-ray or DVD player, VHS player, a gaming console—you get the picture. Lastly, the top has a space for your television. That’s at least three different functions combined into one stylish and compact piece. How convenient is that? If you just  can’t fit anymore furniture into your space, you can always mount your TV on a wall. Problem solved.

  • Dining tables are available with drop leaves or leaf extensions which increase the length of a table, but can be folded down or removed when you don’t need them. If you’re in a really tight bind, you can even use your table as a desk or workspace. 

    In the end, the more your furniture does, the more you benefit.

    Little Details, Big Results

    Whatever you choose to do, each of your choices is going to add up. Furnish your room or studio with an eye towards the big picture. Though it may seem difficult, there are many ways to make what seems impossible, possible. And, don’t forget, our furniture experts are always happy to help you with complimentary d├ęcor advice 

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