April 4, 2016

Style Your Desk

A desk is a blank canvas. Clients and co-workers alike use your work domain as a way of understanding your personality as well as potential outflow. Additionally, your style can enable you to be more productive. Studies have shown that the more personalized and organized your work environment is, the more effective you are perceived to be.

Although gender is becoming more fluid, there is a traditional style for the masculine and feminine. Some women may prefer having flowers on their desk or adding delicate touches to lean in at work. Others might prefer stronger metal accents or darker colors. Men, who are desk lumberjacks, might want to announce their masculinity via heavier objects. Strike a balance with delicate or bolder touches.

Desk clutter can lead to missed deadlines and confusion. Avoid a messy situation by organizing your desk. It is easy to make multiple trips to the supply closet and accumulate a glut of supplies. Next time take only what you need to avoid unnecessary objects being strew about your work area. Another temptation is to cover white space with personal knickknacks. Instead, embrace the void with a singular art piece that makes a statement for your desk. Organization can enhance your productivity.

While working towards the weekend is a universal goal, a desk can aid in keeping you motivated. Many influencers believe that one should start with the end in mind in all business tasks. Keep a reminder or visual representation of the desired outcome in clear view to assist the journey. Make a list of daily, weekly, or monthly intentions to check off when accomplished. A desk can help keep you motivated.

Color schemes
The best way to unify your work space is to select a complementary color scheme.  All white or monochromatic can work, but consider other options as unexpected palettes can be a visual delight. Consider mixing aubergine and pale blue or indigo and dove gray. If color is not your strong point, a calming neutral may be paired with pops of an accent hue to great effect. 

Your desk is a representation of your personality during working hours at home or the office.  Celebrate the feminine or masculine via decorative items for your working surface. Organization does away with clutter as well as visual overload. Keep your goals in visual or written form to stay motivated. Unify your workspace with a creative or traditional color scheme.  The most important facet to your desk is the enjoyment and comfort it provides for you. Customize your work area to show off the best you possible.

March 21, 2016

Spring 2016 Trends

Spring is a chance to warm up from winter and prepare for the upcoming carefree days of summer. International Fashion Weeks have just passed heralding the trends for the new season. Reawaken your home with white, stripes, and romantic themes.

Miami style dictates that interiors should be lighter to balance our sunshine. Light furniture can add an effortless sophistication to any home. Accent colors pop within an achromatic background. Walls in this hue can be an option if pets or small children may collect stains or scratching. Cool or warm whites can bring depth and atmosphere to a room. A cool white has a blue or black base which complements modern or minimal décor. Warm hues are anchored by yellow, brown, or red undertones that translate into a cozy atmosphere to welcome. Whether in selections, accents or in white paint, white is always a delight.

Vertical or horizontal lines are versatile. They can also expand the perceived dimensions of a room. Black and white stripes are now design staples as the contrast presents a more sophisticated look. Stripes can be any hue for maximum impact. Stripes can add visual texture and patterns to a room without a full commitment, yet can add a focal point. The runaways showcased a plethora of stripes in a rainbow of colors. Stripes can make a bold statement or just add a layer of visual contrasts to any room.

Romantic themes
A home is the ideal setting for a love story. Modern love is less about the fairy tale and more about the practicalities of daily life. Romance, however, is always idealized and welcomed. The focus is on charm and grace via the details. Roses are a top floral choice, but experiment with other selections. Lighting can be harsh when overhead, simply employ lamps as well as flameless candles to enhance your home’s ambiance. History is romantic, and an acanthus leaf motif can lend an eternal touch for your loved ones. Curved furniture can be sensuous as can tactical fabrics with a softer touch.


Warm and cool whites can welcome or balance the light in your home. Versatile stripes can provide a visual feast as well as add dimensions for an effortlessly sophisticated look. Romance is not dead; it is in the décor details for a modern love story.  Reawaken your home for the new season. 

March 14, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Achieving a streak-free shine

Cleaning glass or reflective furniture requires a light touch as glass attracts smudges and handprints. When cleaning with traditional methods, streaks may appear and bits lint from paper towels may remain on the surface challenging the best of Spring Cleaning intentions. The old saying “I don’t do windows” has been the mindset for many as glass accumulates streaks. Keep in mind windows are the general gauge of a home’s cleanliness. Reflective furniture acts as secondary windows for any room with streak-free shine as a crowning glory. Make the technique listed below part of reawakening your home for the new season.

Amplify a room
Glass is transparent and a smudge is highly visible, even from afar. Clean reflective furniture allows light to dance in the room. In fact, designers use reflective pieces to maximize the perception of space. Existing light is amplified and the dimensions seemingly expand. Consider reflective pieces for the living room rather than kitchen or bedrooms to enhance the light in your home for family and guests.

Tips for mirrored spaces
Reflective surfaces go with every style and textures. Mirrored furniture acts as a clear color and pairs well with all hues, including metallics. Wood and leather are complemented by the glass as is faux fur. Small spaces can benefit from larger scaled reflective surfaces to cause the perception to expand. One essential to keep in mind with reflective pieces is to make sure that what is reflected will be pleasing to the eye. Stunning views, a great angle, or elongating a hallway can be visual delights enhanced by reflective surfaces.

How to enjoy a streak-free shine:
1. Clear the surface
2. Fill a spray bottle with water
3. Gather a page of newspaper
4. Fold the paper
5. Spray the water evenly
6. Wipe
7. Allow the surface to dry
8.  Enjoy a streak-free shine


Mirrored surfaces act as secondary windows for any room as a gauge in the cleanliness of a home. Designers incorporate reflective furniture to expand the perceptions of a room and to amplify light. Additionally, reflective pieces complement all styles and textures. Enjoy a streak-free shine via newspaper and water. You may even joyfully announce that you do, in fact, do windows. 

March 8, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Vertically folding to declutter and organize

Spring cleaning eases the transition between hibernation (winter) and reawakening (spring). The custom dates back thousands of years when schools of thought wanted to start a period of major holidays with a clean slate. Houses, from top to bottom, were scrubbed, and fabrics that lay damp with winter cold were vigorously washed before being dried in the returned sunshine. The tradition continues and has evolved into a time of decluttering as well. Spring is an opportunity to reawaken your home.

KonMari Method
Marie Kondo, a Japanese declutteringnMari Method guru, developed the KonMari Method, which leaves the organizer with a home in which only objects that spark joy remain and every item has a rightful place. Instead of organizing daily she advocates making a big purge, such as Spring Cleaning, and sorting by categories (i.e. clothes, books, or electronics) rather than by rooms. The focus when editing is whether the item in hand sparks joy or serves an important function. No one leaps for joy over a cell phone charger, but it is a daily necessity that makes life easier. The method is an opportunity to make your home a sanctuary rather than an overflowing storage area.

The process of decluttering
According to the New York Times, one in ten Americans rent a storage unit to hold their household surplus, particularly clothes. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to declutter and create more space in your drawers. Set aside a weekend to clean out your home. Make piles of socks, shirts, and pants. Donate pieces you have not worn in a year or are holding on to just in case {insert dream scenario}. Afterward, your culled items should be vertically folded so you can check your wearable options in just one glance.

Steps to take
Long-sleeved t-shirt
1.            Lay t-shirt flat with the graphic down.
2.            Fold the right sleeve diagonally.
3.            Repeat with the left sleeve.
4.            Smooth long-sleeved t-shirt.
5.            Take the neckline and fold in half to the hem.
6.            Pleat once more.
7.            Stand up t-shirt upright.

Short-sleeved t-shirt
1.            Lay graphic portion of the t-shirt down.
2.            Fold short sleeves back.
3.            Crease again in half.
4.            Smooth over.
5.            Layer in half.
6.            Repeat crease once more.
7.            Stand upright.

1.            Lay jeans flat.
2.            Fold right leg over left.
3.            Straighten legs.
4.            Fold in half.
5.            Crease again.
6.            Stand upright.

Spring cleaning is a rite of passage that will continue. Use the transitory time of winter and spring to clean your home from top to bottom. Donate clothes that are not part of your clothing essentials or items that do not inspire joy. Divide clothes into long- and short- sleeves t-shirt alongside jeans. Watch the videos {insert link} and consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more tips for your home.