February 12, 2015

Deep blue: The other color of the year 2015

By Alejandra G.


I love blue, and when I found out that this deep, Sapphire Indigo shade made it to color of 2015 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints and Kelly-Moore Paints, I was thrilled. Blue Paisley, Bold Electric Blue or Bohemian Blue to mention a few of its many names was chosen for the 2015 Color of the Year because of its vibrant, bohemian vibe.  And even though Marsala was picked first as the color of 2015 by Pantone, and it’s a bold choice when it comes to interior design; the inspiration and serenity that blue can bring to your home in any shape or form is pretty captivating. Blue it’s meant to invoke positivity and possibility — things we tend to crave during chaotic and uncertain times. This announcement made my  living room happy. I firmly believe that blue will bring an intense boost to certain areas of your home that are in need of attention. Besides, whether you place a white, green or neutral element in front of it, it will stand out immediately.

Now this is no neutral wisp of a color. It’s an intense blue that is best used in small doses, to call attention to certain interesting areas or features of your home. A profound shade of blue worthy of daring accents around your living room, or any bedroom.

But don’t worry if you find yourself drawn mostly to neutral interiors. You can also consider adding a small bit of color via accessories or perhaps one single piece to make a statement. It’s a much softer way to inject color into a room.  Just one gorgeous blue piece will instantly create a bold, vibrant contrast without disrupting your space design, regardless if your style is traditional, transitional, coastal or even contemporary.

Don’t want to commit long term to colorful cabinetry or other built-in items? Go for deep blue furniture instead. Chairs are a breeze to change out later if you fall in love with another hue. You can also make a statement with one colorful piece of furniture in an otherwise neutral space. Just make sure it’s something worth calling attention to, such as a cool modern chair.

Blue Paisley would also look great in a kid’s or teen’s room. You could pair it with orange hues for a high-energy, dynamic and youthful look. Or make it more mature and at home in a master bedroom with a toned-down palette of other blues — such as navy or a soft gray-blue — as well as a selection of handsome neutrals.

You’ve heard it a hundred times before, but allow me to say it again: Create a focal point in your living room and then design and decorate around it, in support of it. If you have too many focal points in a space, then they all compete with one another, nothing stands out, and the room can all too easily devolve into a cluttered mess. One blue piece will shine and make the room just right. Once you have accomplished that, the possibilities are endless.



January 9, 2015

12 Incredible room settings that will inspire you to redecorate.

By Alejandra G.

When it comes to designing your own space there are no secret rules. Taste, style, color and patterns play a big part as well as emotional pieces that make of that space your own. Creative by nature, we love to imagine, explore and dream while following our own intuition.  Simply follow your personal taste and combine it with the current trend and style, to accomplish a room that works. As a result, you’ll get a unique personal style that makes sense for your own home without requiring master skills, just your own heart. Anyone can do it. Today, I invite you to fall in love with these 12 room ideas as a foundation for developing your own peculiar, stylish, rule-breaking space. Add a personal memory or two and you’ll have a room that looks like it came out of a magazine. With your own personal touch.

Soft tones and a mix media of materials take over this room. Contemporary meets comfort with a hint of modern eclecticism. With many configurations and possibilities, the Heather sofa will give you flexibility to design your own space depending on your needs. Fabric, faux leather and chrome for a clever combination. The Myrtle coffee table and the Donnie mirrored cabinet will reflect the light of your space like no other. Go ahead, take your shoes off and feel the softness of the Silky Deluxe area rug. Add your personal touch, make it yours. For endless fun.
The Belmar

Capture the enchanting scenery of romanticism in this traditional bedroom set. With an antique white finish, the Belmar collection displays an array of luxurious home furnishings. Match it with light colors and earthy textures for a dreamy look. Nothing but the best to accomplish the bedroom of your dreams. Because you deserve the best.

Eclectic, modern with a hint of passion. Red, white and silver tones are combined here for a luxurious living. Bold button tufting in hot red leather makes the Olivia Sofa, a timeless piece of furniture worthy of a queen. For a clever contrast, silver accent tables blend seamlessly with a couple of the Aviation accent chairs. A different kind of chair crafted from aluminum with exposed steel screws, swathed in 100% top grain white leather with the softness of a vintage jacket.
The Hudson stonewash table

Back to the fundamentals. Trestle bases have been used for centuries due to their sturdy and reliable design. The Hudson Rectangular Dining Table relies on its trestle base to create a strong foundation. This table’s heavily distressed design conjures up the simple charm of a rustic life. Who knew a simple chair could be so elegant. Straight to the point, The Morgan chair is defined by its slightly distressed stone wash finish over solid acacia wood and veneers frame, with beige linen fabric accented with nail heads.

Traditional meets modern with the Laura sofa.

The Laura sofa and loveseat take an update on the classic Chesterfield silhouette. Plush button tufting adorns the luxurious back and rolled arms with gorgeous hand-hammered nail heads with a pewter finish. This elegantly modern collection features sumptuous fabrics like rayon and cotton for quality custom upholstery finishing with good-looking turned legs. The coffee table and console table are part of the refined Hollywood swankcollection. Detailed marble top edge with a smoked glass insert, spindle legs and a platinum tipping finish. For a refined, elegant and unique home.

ThePenthouse bed: One step closer to heaven

Elegant as they come, The Penthouse platform bed will give your bedroom the modern touch you’ve been looking for. Fabulously tufted headboard with this fab exaggerated tall headboard fully upholstered in white faux leather, cleverly paired with Amia, a chic mirrored cabinet and the Kade bench. To complete this modern look the Kingdom High Back Occasional Chair makes a statement as soon as you walk inside the room. This bold chair has a tufted seat and back and is made with Asian hardwoods. Its high back conjures up images of royal functions. For the seekers of the non-standard design. For the Avant-garde.

Modern with a minimalistic approach

TheBellmar collection offers sleek style for the bedroom. Slender chrome-finished legs and metal handles play well with the espresso finish on this collection for a well-balanced design. Designed in the scale of contemporary bedroom furniture, the size of this bed makes it well-suited for small spaces. This room has been “spiced-up” with the beautiful hand-tufted multicolor Spice Carrera area rug and the Karen accent chair.

The Charleston Room

This room resemble one of those ultramodern hotel lobbies located at any metropolitan city. Electric meets royal blue in the Marvelous Charleston sofa, a tuxedo-style piece that features high arms and back and is upholstered in hand-rubbed top grain leather with chic tufted stitching details. Contrasting the blue, two Aviator chairs pair as “wingman” to create a marvelous setting. Dazzling top grain leather upholstery in snow white over a sturdy solid Birchwood construction with high density cushioning. A stainless steel frame hugs the back of the chair for a clever combination of materials. For a happy ending, the Swindell coffee table creates movement with the two steel pillars holding two clear tempered glass squares. Stainless steel pucks are fused to glass for a neat combination

The Lagune room

Throw a couple of animal print tones against ivory and metal and you have accomplish a cozy warm feeling in a modern environment. The Lagune corner sofa is a glamorous piece of skilled craftsmanship. Dazzling blend of materials in beige tones include chenille, synthetic fibers and faux leather with nailhead accents. Matching steel mirrors and the Lizbon coffee table, crafted from marble and steel legs will complete the look. Take of your shoes to feel the Vivanta area rug, a truly silky, lustrous experience for your feet on those cold winter days. Pure chic, just fab.

Romantic getaway, Hollywood style

This urban contemporary setting will bring out the designer in you along with endless nights of entertainment. The Cantrall corner sofa exhibits with generous seating the wonders of functionality and modern furniture. Unique combination of performance fabric with gimp trimming accents and a chrome base add a counterpoint to its taupe tone. Follow this dazzling look with the Old Hollywood Sealight, a stainless steel reproduction of a 19th-century British marine light used to transmit Morse code, finished in polished chrome

The Solimar room

Trendy combination of diverse materials combined in one intriguing yet beautiful room. The Solimar dining set has a contemporary tempered glass top, resting on a modern wooden and chrome base for a gorgeous two tone table. Unique construction is present on the side chairs with light wood, faux leather and a chrome frame. For the avant-garde, the seekers of non-standard design.

The Santa Fe room

For those who like cozy and inviting, the Santa Fe room will give you countless family gatherings and many other festivities.  The Santa Fe Casual Dining Set features a heavily distressed finish with birch solid and veneers that makes it more cozy and inviting. Natural slate inserts in different colors for beauty and storage seats for functionality. The bench can be configured left or right. The Amarion oversized wall clock has been beautifully antiqued. With an aged bronze finish look, hammered copper sheeting and roman numerals this clock exudes a sophisticated and classic style. It uses old-world details and inspiration to create intricately detailed decor for today's modern home. Gather your family ‘round for dinner, and let the good times begin.


December 10, 2014

The Basics of Feng Shui: One Step Closer to Happy.

By Alejandra G.

Have you ever noticed how happy people change the energy of the room when they come in? And how you become happier and more optimistic when you hang out with your happy friends? This happens because you are in a constant energy exchange with everything that surrounds you - people, animals, buildings, trees, etc. Now is the best time to do yourself a big favor and use Feng shui to create the ultimate happy Feng shui friend - your own home.

Feng shui, literally translated as "wind and water," is a 5,000-year-old Chinese system and theory based on a set of universal principles and laws of nature, applied to our living environment. These principles are believed by many to help us achieve happiness, health, prosperity and freedom. While Feng shui has no scientifically proven studies to back up its principles, hundreds of Feng shui masters stand by their results.

Cut the clutter. The greatest enemy to Feng-shui because it will keep you stuck in the past. Air and energy should always be moving all the time and clutter is like a stop sign to good energy. So, go around your home and start looking for those things that serve no purpose. The rule is simple: If you haven't used it in over 12 months, toss it. Even though for some that could almost seem impossible since we live in a world of collecting and buying things we don't need 24/7, the first step to achieve a peaceful home will be to get rid of all the unnecessary things.

Paint your front door. Remove all the clutter from the sides, front and back of your front door. In Feng shui language, your front door is called the "mouth of chi”. Help bring good energy into your home by keeping it tidy and well lit. Consider painting your front door green (they say it will bring growth). If green is not your thing, try painting it red because according to Lillian Too in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui, red represents strength, energy and happiness and it can bring wealth. If red is probably too strong for your taste, blue might be your choice. It is relaxing and will bring peace to your entrance. Once you've made a choice, the relatively simple project of painting your front door a new color it will change your mood.

Throw out any broken objects. Replace blown light bulbs. When you have finished cleaning, wash your hands under running water for at least three minutes. This washes away all the bad energy that got on your hands in the process.

Consider a round table. I'm no Feng shui expert by any means, but there are some advantages to a round table. For one thing, there is no head of the table seat, so all of the diners are seated as equals.
A round table also makes conversations easier, there's just a more casual atmosphere when seated at a round table. Also, there are no any sharp edges to bang your hip on, which tents to happen on a rectangular dining table if you are on a hurry!

Balance your bedroom for a better relationship. Apply the same principle of "commanding position" to your bedroom by placing it so that you have a good view of the door from your bed. Placing the bed directly across from the door is considered unlucky, though, so try to keep it off-center. If you are in a relationship, it is also important to have bedside tables and lamps of equal sizes, as this suggests equality in the relationship. The commanding position applies to your home office as well. By placing your desk in a commanding position -a place where you can see most of the room- you are likely to feel more secure and in charge of your space.

Bring real plants inside. Plants bring vibrant chi into a home or working environment. Home offices require as much good energy as you can collect, so why not get it from plants? Large plants like lily, bamboo and jade varieties are top on the list for good energy. If you are short on space, one small house plant is better than none at all. Keep your plants watered and well fed and they will reply in kind.

Keep it outside. Mops and brooms are used to remove clutter and dirt from the house. Feng shui believes they carry part of the negative energy that comes into the home. Keeping them outside would be ideal but is not necessarily practical. Keep them in a cupboard in an upside-down position to help to
block the negative energy.

With the new year nearly upon us, you might benefit one of more of these easy-to-put in practice mind-cleansing projects for the holidays. Apply a few of these simple principles to your home and let the good chi (energy) flow all around your private sanctuary. That way you'll be one step closer to happy.

If you want to dig a bit deeper into the world of Feng shui, read about bagua. The bagua map is an octagon, with each of the eight or night sides corresponding to a different area of life: reputation, relationships, children, helpful people, career/path in life, self-knowledge, new beginnings/family and prosperity. 

November 19, 2014

Lamps that will make your house look like a movie set.

By Alejandra G.

Fairies, sealights, dancers, singers and flowers as well as charming old school movie lights are just a some of the interesting elements found on lamps that remind you of a movie set. With lamps like these, you can't help going back in time to the little girl that used to think things come to life when the lights go off. These lamps are not only a wonderful way to define a room, light up your life and draw attention but their creative design also presents a big opportunity to make a statement. Hollywood style.

Canary ceiling lamp
Lavache table lamp
Unusual yet marvelous lamps that combine hand-wrought iron, chandelier lights, dangling crystals and polished chrome for a look that came out of a fairy tale. With a twist.

Crystals table lamp
Crystals floor lamp
Inspired by the splendor of grand ballrooms, the Crystals lamps are made to light up your home with glamorous romance. Just the right amount of glitz for that room in need of light. A polished steel body on a chrome finish with a metal shade holding gorgeous crystal pendants for the perfect dream-full piece.
Industrial design finds its way into steampunk, times of steam-powdered machinery and industrialized western civilization. Retro-look inspired ceiling lamps crafted from painted metal with Edison-like filament bulbs, frosted bubble, metal arms and antique gold accents.
Lady table lamp
For the inventive and adventurous, the nostalgic and the retro-look fans, table lamps that capture memorable movie moments, preserving it in time with stylish lights.
Amazingly odd designs that recreate sacred goblets from ancient times, creating a magical moment. Right there on your own table. Remember that movie battle, enchant your night.
Majestic animals guard the lights opening secret doors that will transport you to ancient mystical times. Traditional lamps with antique bronze and gold finish will inspire any creative mind, to bring out those wild animals from adventurous movie moments to life.

Charlie Lady floor lamp
Gorgeous sculpture-like lamps that capture in time a Broadway musical or perhaps a ballet recital character. Place it right next to a piano or that exclusive chair for a legendary home setting.

Royal Master sealight                       Transmit sealight                            Grand Ocean sealight
Vintage-inspired sealights lamps that evoke old Hollywood. A reproduction of a 19th-century British marine lights used to transmit Morse code. Sea-lights that bring back both grand ocean liners and old Hollywood. Originally designed to illuminate the famous faces of film, crafted of solid cast aluminum, wood and steel, it's a classic of the genre.