June 11, 2015

Coastal Style: From breezy light blue to sandy beaches.

By Alejandra G.


Light and breezy tones inspired by sand, shells, the blue sky and the ocean. The Coastal life reflects a simple yet sophisticated style: Cotton and linen bedding, freshly painted headboards, bold accents and an incredible palette of whites, neutrals and blues. Shells, corals, coastal art, and maritime instruments such as an anchor or a nautical clock will add appeal to the look. Just by adding one or two accessories, you will complete this effortlessly elegant look.


All we need is white. Being the main colors of all coastal interiors, white is the most overlooked element of coastal style, and there’s only one reason for it: It enhances light making everything seem wider, more peaceful, and calmer. With white interiors you feel free, liberated, and one with the ocean. Like a gentle breeze coming from an open window on a sunny summer day, making the linen drapes dance gently in the air. Beige, sand, off white and similar pastel tones can work just as well to bring harmony to your home.

Build light upon light. When it comes to Coastal interiors, plenty of windows, glass doors and skylights are ideal since they allow sunshine to fill the house with light. Of course that is if you are lucky enough to have a home near the water, but if that isn’t the case, consider using a wall or leaner mirror to diffuse the light further by placing it on the opposite side of a window or a mirrored cabinet. Just be sure not to add too many high-gloss finished items that will make you lose the cozy ambiance.


You want something different. Starting with the obvious, the market is loaded with shell, nautical and various resources of ocean-inspired items. While it's OK to give in to temptation, you may want to refrain from making it look too nautical. Keep patterns minimal with a pair of pillows, an occasional chair, a sculpture, or wall art. To make a statement, try choosing a single piece of turquoise or bohemian blue that brings the “coastal feel” inside.   

Does this mean you can bring the entire beach palette inside your home? Nope! You may want to add to your serene ambient of sandy neutrals a tad of turquoise, lime or coral if you would like to go in that direction, but the key is to stay consistent. Different shades in all the rooms may bring too many personalities into one single house.

Welcome natural fibers. Furniture woven with sea grass or jute, or rope added to cabinets, will bring natural warmth and texture to coastal interior while adding a lighthearted appeal, staying true to the theme. These natural fibers are no longer exclusive to patios and gardens. You can bring one or two inside to achieve the look you are going for. Exotic hardwoods are also an ideal addition to coastal style, but with a light finish. Whitewash, bleached out or certain stonewashed finishes over wood pieces, is what you should consider.

Painted planks for a headboard is a coastal classic. Darker woods have a place in this style (no need to toss that vintage-chic piece just yet), but is the exception rather than the rule. A dark wood chest, cabinet or console table would certainly add personal style to the coastal vibe. As long as you feel that its deeper tone is not overtaking the space.

http://www.eldoradofurniture.com/product/index.html?pID=18207The place is looking great. You’ve managed to create a breezy environment without sacrificing elegance, without overdoing it. Finally you can bring the finishing touches with light slipcovers, mix up upholstered furniture with outdoor fabrics, and finally adding small accents that live up to salty air and sandy feet, even if you live in a suburban city. A starfish on a shelf, or a few shells framed with your favorite coastal quote will complete the look and transport you to that place, where you can have your happily ever after.