April 16, 2015

Mirrored furniture, the fairest one of them all.

 By Alejandra G.

Of all the tricks designers use to maximize space, the strategic use of lighting and mirrors ranks among the most popular and for a good reason. Mirrored sideboards, console tables, and cabinets are an example of this unique approach - keeping clutter under control and amplifying existing light at the same time. Glazed finish, golden accents, lattice patterns, beaded trimming and beveled mirrors are just some of the exquisite additions to mirrored furniture, taking that principle to its ultimate manifestation - building light upon light.

Besides creating a striking statement and adding style to any corner of your home, a piece of mirrored furniture will create the illusion of a larger space while reflecting the natural light coming from your garden, or any other source of light that has been placed to create an effect. Always ready to amaze even the most refined taste.

http://www.eldoradofurniture.com/product/index.html?pID=24304The beauty about a mirrored piece is that it will go with a variety of colors and styles. So, if your style starts with whimsical and eclectic, a mirrored cabinet will blend in perfectly with any bold color, and reflect it all over the space. Mirrored furniture will blend seamlessly with almost any space simply because it mimics the colors already present in the room.

How to maintain your mirrored furniture sparkly new.

http://www.eldoradofurniture.com/product/index.html?pID=18309Once you made the decision of buying a piece of mirrored furniture, whether it’s a console, cabinet, pedestal or a mirror, following simple tips to keeping it sparkly clean will help you maintain its original status for many years to come. Mirrored pieces have romance written all over. But they can get ruined easily if you don’t stay on top of maintenance. By following a few simple tips like clean, dust and polish it, you can keep reflecting mirrors, consoles and cabinets at their shiny best.

Glass cleaner and black & white newspaper. This old school trick will keep all mirrored case goods like new by simple spraying a thin coat of glass cleaner and wiping it off with newspaper. Just make sure you don’t leave any traces.
Dust and polish. By scheduling regular cleaning you will keep all the fireworks that mirrored furniture brings to your space. Start by getting rid of all layers of dust by using a microfiber cloth or other that won’t scratch the surface, and a mirror-safe glass cleaner or a home-made solution of distilled water and white vinegar (1spoon per 8oz of water) to wipe away any stubborn dirt.

Inspect any chipped pieces or scratches. If you spot a scratch, it will be best to have it professionally repaired. Perhaps calling the company you bought it from seeking for guidance would tell you what to do. Always make sure you keep any sharp objects that can damage the piece away from it. And if you must, you can always add a non-slip rubber coaster or place mat right underneath, will add a pop of color to the piece.

Watch out for spills, paws and little fingers. Water and other liquids can harm the surface if they stay on for too long, so make sure you wipe it right away. Beauty products like perfume, shaving cream, rubbing alcohol and nail polish may damage the surface over time so it’s best to keep those away. Paw marks and little fingers can stain the piece if left on for too long. So keeping the piece away from high traffic areas in your home would be a good idea. Especially if you have a large family.

Whether you are sitting around wondering, who is the fairest one of them all? There’s no reason to limit yourself with the use of mirrored furniture. With so many pieces available out there in their mirrored version, you can add the right portion of glam to your space since it will work with so many styles and spaces. While adding a little edge, and reflecting the new you!


March 24, 2015

Tips to reinvent your home for spring

By Alejandra G.

Outdoor Accent Pillows

Spring has finally arrived! Good bye blankets, hot cocoa and heavy sweaters. Welcome fresh, light outfits, crisp air, birds singing, fresh fruits and vegetables! If your winter was long, you might have been looking forward to revive your house for a while, brighten your space with some new pieces and even considering planting your own fruits, herbs and veggies. It’s that time of the year to leave behind grays, browns, and black, to welcome citrus and candy colors. Get rid of the brown drapes, replace it with light beige linen, dare to open your windows, smell the air and enjoy the scenery! Time to meet friends for tea or coffee, sit outside and start living the outdoors again. Welcome spring, regardless if you decided to remodel one space or the entire house. It is time to uplift your spirit by reviving or reinventing your space with flowers, citrus scents, cotton, linens and seasonal fruit. Enjoy life, spring is in the air!

SirenAppleThe Bridge Wall  Art

Give your space a quick color make over. As you leave the warmer hues, welcome the light spring-inspired palette. Remove heavy curtains and replace it for lightweight linen or cotton panels. Dare to change the color of your living room for a much brighter shade of aqua, green or crisp white (white paint can revive almost any space). Choose some accessories like a vase, figure, wall art and some toss pillows following the same color family. Think of the Easter egg candy colors. Yes, is that delicious!

Maze Greenhttp://www.eldoradofurniture.com/product/index.html?pID=22673Sea Fan Wall art

Let the air flow inside. Open up your windows! In the winter days, we spend a lot of time with the heater on, and all the windows remain closed. Since the air might get stale, as you put the heavy drapes away, open your windows and enjoy that fresh spring air!


Add something white, green or orange. A tad of color is always beneficial. With so many options to add all over your house, keep in mind your wishes by priority and budget. One accent pillow, an occasional chair or perhaps a wall art may make a difference. Of course if you want to renovate an entire area or even the whole house, now is the perfect time to do so.


Pick up some spring branches for that new vase. Spring blossoms from your own garden can last a long time and they bring nature inside. Use extra tall branches for that large floor vase from some to-die-for home accessory.

Bring something green inside. Over a table or by the window, green-inspired decorations are gorgeous for a quick lift-me-up spring time! Simply head outside and snip some green branches from that bush in need of attention. Place one or two into a long neck vase or a bunch inside that gorgeous floor vase.


Go outside! Get that picnic basket out of the closet and get ready to head out the door. Fill it with seasonal fruit and vegetables and your favorites snacks, enjoy this wonderful time. That freezing park bench, the lake or your favorite beach are no longer frozen. Time to reinvent yourself and surrender to green.


 Beautify your patio. New plants, flowers, a mini vegetable garden, colorful outdoor pillows over the patio chairs or some incredible patio furniture facing west (to see the sunset) will make a huge difference no matter how big or small your area is. Because that new puppy you’re thinking of getting will require you to be outside a lot.


Have breakfast outdoors! Make a fresh cup of coffee, some orange juice, and sit outside. Something like having a meal outside can make a real difference in your day. After all, is not only about reinventing your home, is about embracing spring and living life to the fullest.